Baldwin County Public Schools
Stapleton Elementary Stapleton, AL


A message from your school counselor, Elaine Guy:

As your school counselor, I want to let you know about some of the services that the Stapleton School Counseling Program provides.  I work directly with students in classroom guidance, covering a variety of subjects such as: drug education, character qualities, decision-making skills, responsible behavior, preliminary career exploration, bullying, and many other topics.  I also see students individually and in small groups to address areas such as: grief, family issues, including divorce, misbehavior, and others.  I participate in parent meetings and IEP's as needed.  I am available to students, parents, and teachers to meet and discuss any issues or concerns you may have.  I encourage and invite you to let me know of concerns, ideas, or suggestions you have.  You may call the school and request to meet with me at any time.

I encourage you to become an active participant in your child’s education by joining the PTO, volunteering at school, and attending events.  Nothing seems to make students more proud than when their parents are active in school events.

I would also like to let you know that we have a valuable and informative Parent Resource Center located in the Teacher Workroom.  We have many books, pamphlets, videos, and audiotapes covering a wide variety of parenting topics.  We plan to add to the list from time to time for your convenience.  I invite you to come by and take advantage of the resources available.  If you have a need for a topic that you cannot find, please let me know so that I can attempt to locate a source for you.